Bitcoin Market Overview

Key statistics about the Bitcoin trading market
Last Price:
$5,272.20 USD
Today's Open:
$5,776.39 USD
Daily Change:
504.19 9.56% USD
Day's Range:
$5,272-5,719 USD
Total Volume Exchenge:
69.40 BTC
Market Cap  $107,319,725,752
Total BTC:  17,376,463
Global Volume:  $394,394,702

Latest Trades

Time Since Amount BTC Price
0.03810000 BTC $5,463.10 (EUR)
0.03340000 BTC $5,272.20
0.04600000 BTC $5,322.92 (RUB)
0.01890000 BTC $5,443.00 (EUR)
0.03470000 BTC $5,290.38

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0.63000000 BTC $5,456.36
0.20000000 BTC $5,456.33
0.02000000 BTC $5,455.25
0.02000000 BTC $5,455.10
0.69000000 BTC $5,454.11
2.12000000 BTC $5,480.42
0.13000000 BTC $5,527.58
1.16000000 BTC $5,532.32
0.58000000 BTC $5,533.21
0.25000000 BTC $5,535.37

Latest News

13 Nov

PPT is already available on the cryptocurrency exchange
PPT guard women’s safety!  The inception of the Pink Taxi idea goes back to 2006. Since then the idea has received recognition, as well as appreciation from all the schools of though...

19 Sep

A gift for new customers
A gift for new customers Specially for you, we provide the first month of trading with the cryptocurrency, without charging you a commission of 0.20%. The conditions are simple, repl...

29 Jun

How to anonymize bitcoin-transactions
Данная информация будет интересна тем, кто по каким-либо причинам не хочет, чтобы кто-то узнал о происхождении или наличии у них средств.  It's no secret, что многие пионеры биткоина и...

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