Amazing news for IQeon followers and token holders


Amazing news for IQeon followers and token holders.
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The size of the gaming market is over $109 bln and 97% of gamers still do not have the chance to
monetize their in-game achievements.

Our development team has just launched the working IQeon MVP on Ethereum Blockchain that
allows solving this problem. Now, the internal currency of any game on the platform may be
converted to IQeon tokens. Then, IQeon tokens may be freely traded for other cryptocurrency or
transferred to fiat money.


Why should you buy IQeon tokens?

Firstly. We have already achieved our Soft Cap and raised over 2 mln USD. This budget is
enough to proceed with the marketing and the further development of our platform.

Secondly. Our business development team is already working on deploying 57 new games on
our platform, with over 2 mln of players who will be using IQeon tokens.
Thirdly. Four exchanges have already approved the listing of the IQeon token.


We keep negotiating with 5 more exchanges to enable the trade of IQeon tokens, thus making it
easy for gamers around the world.

Fourthly. ICORATING gave IQeon low investment risk score and claimed it to be among 'TOP-3
Gaming projects of 2018'. And that is not all! Nine more ICOlistings provided us with '4+' rates.

Fifthly. The IQeon Team and Advisors are working hard towards the result and have already
presented the company in the roadshow including 11 exhibitions and 24 private events with
gamers and token buyers.

You can still come on broad!

Our token sale ends on 13th of March!

And, Yes! IQeon has a special unique offer for big tokens buyers. Visit our official website
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